Chairman Mao is also a watch band

Chairman Mao is also a watch band

Maybe you have the impression that with Chairman Mao watches are generally scale with pointer that simple.
But on top of this table does he take over.
Multifunctional Chronograph? Yes.
The extraordinary appearance of the Rolex Daytona, with timing function, in 1963 launched a special style.
Rolex is the world-renowned Swiss replica  watches family, “mass brand”, visibility and cost a lot of variety is very high, even late Chinese leader Mao Zedong had awarded this brand of watches.
Then visiting delegation of Swiss watches, the face of China’s most senior leaders, no doubt, they can afford to send any watches manufactured in Switzerland, but picked and selected, or select a Rolex.
This picture of the Rolex, color matching is very strange, white with pale pink steel plus in luxury watches and rare, but also models male form.
These two pictures and not just an ordinary Rolex picture.
But the ritual gift of Swiss foreign guests to visit China and the Arab countries when, respectively, when China sent two top leaders – Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai.
Switzerland produced watches known to watch for the ceremony without saying.
But the practice of speaking, this should be their native Kuwait gifts featured in, take things in other countries to a third party, it seems unreasonable, but the watch seems to be an exception.
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in 2006 US President George W. Bush would send a value of $ 11,000 for French-made Cartier Santos 18K white gold.
Thus, to send honored tradition of luxury watches and not because of the changes of time and be forgotten, he has continued down.
From the photo, the Swiss gave Mao unusual piece of Rolex, apparently out of order.
Watch the calendar because the disk is not actually displayed in Arabic numerals, but the Chinese characters.
Alone the nuances, it shows the Swiss-intentioned.
In addition, the style and texture of pure gold here do not seem to be too prominent.
Rolex also be seen the big world of watch brands, worn by wealthy far more than the tens of thousands of its celebrity.
But you can order custom watch people probably one of the few in the Rolex watch factory.
It can be concluded that this gold Rolex with Chinese characters do not say that the world is out of print, or at least rare.
And want to find a piece of “Chairman of the Rolex” completely identical goods is probably quite laborious.
A piece of “Chairman of the Rolex” Do not say in front of possession, even if only people who really seen some minimal.
The magic and the search site to use for the year Zhou Enlai watch almost crystal clear.
With the exception of Chairman Mao watches using only a few words, and there is not and will not mention this secret and “Chairman of the Rolex.”
Mao Zedong was trying to conquer is the famous “three without”, that one does not carry a gun, two do not have any money, do not wear watches three; about Chairman Mao at least 1945 before the issue of what kind of watch no records.
August 28, 1945 Mao Zedong went to Chongqing negotiations, Guo at the airport to see Mao Zedong was not wearing a wrist watch, when about his hand Omega watch gift Mao Zedong.
Mao Zedong gladly accepted.
Since then, Mao has been wearing this word on the dial has been some loss of Swiss watches, but in August 1966 replaced a strap.
Mao’s watch rare, Mao watch photos more rare, so far only been published September 30, 1959 the day by the Xinhua News Agency reporters Du Xiuxian and Pai Dina an almost solitary made can be considered.
According to Du Xiuxian recalls the day the top leaders of the CPSU Khrushchev arrived in the Capital Airport will be invited to attend the 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of our country.
Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai personally to the airport to greet him.
Du Xiuxian day late for a little while, to see the aircraft has yet to feel Untitled can shoot, just met Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, extending mutual wrist watch of the moment.
Du Xiuxian “click” sound, will this historic moment captured on camera.
Because there is this picture of Deng Xiaoping, so even with people concerned, this photo of the “information content” had precious, plus a rare episode of Mao at his watch in public, even though the picture is not clear, its historical value is difficult to buy heavily.
Mao Zedong was that watch on your wrist is 45 years must send him a piece of Guo, and Chou En-lai’s watch is likely to be a domestic brand in Shanghai.
I worked in a memoir on the old revolutionary seen, early 50s of last century, the central top leaders will go abroad in order to “perform the task,” the volunteer leaders and bolstering ambassadors, special approval issued with a Swiss watch ( Rolex replica is also said to have Omega) and the Parker pen as carry things.
There was even some debate, the whole hair, or no hair only made the replica watches pen or pens not only hair hair watch.
Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi I do not know or said something, the whole hair, do not do petty, let people look down on.
At that time the two luxury items are specially bought from Hong Kong, Zhou Enlai was concurrently Minister of Foreign Affairs, it also published the list, it is said to be a Rolex replica watches.
In 1958, Shanghai Watch Factory create his own brand watches Shanghai, Zhou Enlai changed since then wearing the domestic table.
1961 Lushan meeting, Zhou Enlai in Nanchang when looking magician, magician once lent his replica watches as props, and then gave the magician.
As it is his or Shanghai Rolex replica china  brand watches known.
I just know that when Zhou Enlai died in the hands or wearing a very old Shanghai brand watches.
The watch is the staff around him “rescued” down, naturally become an important piece of cultural relics.
In fact, more expensive watches also gives worn.
Like Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and other great men, even if only a very ordinary wear block watches, its spiritual value alone can not be used to measure money.
Thousands and thousands of workers world gold, but how than got these two great affinity with priceless.
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Omega introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer

Omega introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer

On Biel, Switzerland Omega (OMEGA replica ) Headquarters press conference, Omega officially launched the world’s first official “to attain chronometer.” This not only represents a monumental milestone in Omega brand, the more the watch industry has set a new standard of quality.
Omega replica watches  introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer
01. The world’s first “to attain chronometer” statue Pa Omega Constellation watches, Biel exhibition in Switzerland.

2014, Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) announced that they will jointly launch a new watch certification program to achieve accuracy and performance testing and certification of new breakthroughs. A year later, the entire certification process has matured. In the new headquarters of the METAS laboratory Omega, the Omega Constellation watches statue became tyrants realize “to attain chronometer” rating on the first watch.
Omega replica china introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer
02. Omega Global CEO Stephen Tsang (Stephen Urquhart), the Swiss Federal Institute director metering • Dr. Christian Bock (Dr. Christian Bock) and Nick • Mr. Hayek Swatch Group CEO (Nick Hayek) together Visit Omega METAS laboratories.

• Mr. Nick Hayek (Nick Hayek) Swatch Group CEO also attended the conference together: the Swiss Federal Institute of competent Christian metering • Bock Dr. (Dr. Christian Bock), Omega Global CEO Europe Mr. Vice President, Production and Procurement Section wah Omega (Stephen Urquhart) • Hob Mill Andreas (Andreas Hobmeier).
Omega introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer
03. director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Christian metering • Dr. Stephen Burke wah watch Omega fake watches  Global CEO watched underwater testing.

At the time of the press conference began, • Mr. Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek express the importance of this moment.

“We all know, for the brand, good work craft, historical heritage and innovation is very important. In addition, there is also an important thing, and that is trust, trust from consumers through metering and the Swiss Federal Institute Such independent institutions, we can do to consumers transparent, re-established Swiss watchmaking industry leading position in the field of precision and innovation. ”
Omega introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer
04. On a press conference held at the headquarters of Omega, Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of glory metering announced the world’s first “to attain chronometer” officially released.

Swiss Federal Institute of measurement has always been to create a new “to attain chronometer” certification of an important cooperation partner. Conference, director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Christian metering • Dr. Bock explains the important role of the Swiss Federal Institute of measurement and reiterated the trust concept.

“Trust is at the heart of the Swiss Federal Institute of measurement work. We are a government agency, is the center and leading Swiss all units of measurement work units. Meanwhile, our consumer and customer-oriented. That’s why we have to protect this new mechanical test can apply for all brands, it is important. ”

Meanwhile, the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) Omega watches is still an integral part of the production, the new Swiss Federal Institute of tests will measure as an effective two-factor authentication, so that other Swiss watchmaker Omega and be at greater showing off their replica watches extent of excellence and precision timing performance. 10 days after eight tests, each watch must pass a series of simulated real-life situations watch worn standards, including placing 15,000 gauss magnetic field.

Each introduced after independent testing, production, Mr. Vice President, Procurement Omega Hob Kashmir proudly displayed the world’s first to attain chronometer – Omega Constellation series “respect tyrants watch”, and briefly discusses the watch which was born during the effort.

“Only the commitment into action, we can gain trust. Omega replica  team has been with the Swiss Federal Institute of measurement in order to improve the details and make unremitting efforts. These watches can show the first test, I feel honored.”

The site also shows the results of this test, released to consumers how to query their watch over the network test results.
Omega introduced the world’s first to attain chronometer
05. “To attain chronometer” certificate has a unique certification number, consumers can view test results online its watches.

Omega to this breakthrough open a new future. As a world-renowned leader in watch making, this moment will certainly become a milestone in the history of the brand an important moment which.

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