Mysterious Rolex Beijing Service Center

Mysterious Rolex Beijing Service Center

Rolex replica service center in Beijing recently moved to three Guanghua Road on the 5th century wealth center. Today, the new Beijing service center first opened, invite guests to visit. In addition to showcasing top-art facilities, a more detailed description of the Rolex proprietary global overhaul services. Rolex is designed to provide professional service to ensure that each watch can be sustained are accurate, reliable and elegant. In order to provide a high level of customer service, Rolex has established a huge network of services, service centers and authorized Rolex retailers around the world over a hundred countries. By Rolex watch craftsmen carefully selected, strict training. These watch craftsmen have followed rigorous testing procedures to ensure that each Rolex watch when you leave the service center, are in line with the Rolex stringent service standards and aesthetic norms.
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November 17 Love the table family is honored to have this opportunity to enter the Rolex Service Center, or experience the Rolex Emperor helmsman table into the labor service from the moment of return to play all the processes in the hands of consumers. When it comes to Rolex service itself In the consumer is legendary, whether it is price or quality, along with the first line of Quest, made me realize more deeply.

To give you an intuitive understanding of the major processes, we started from a need for a comprehensive maintenance Rolex.

When consumers watch handed foreground MM hand, you need to wait a while, your watch is being sent for identification before maintenance or repair, shall be responsible for assessing the appraisers according to the specific circumstances will watch all the questions record, whether or Tudor Rolex, the watch information recording card are the same, this card I have read carefully, very informative, such as the parts wear watches, fault location, the number of chain belt section, repair time, etc. and so on, depending on the circumstances given technician maintenance price, every watch in this and this card will be inseparable, there is a corresponding bar code and the watches on the card, in order to avoid confusion in the follow-up process. After identification technicians determine the problem and accurate price, this process will take approximately 15-30 minutes, if consumers accept the price [of this price either final price], you can go home and wait.
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[Rolex hand service parts department]
After receiving the confirmation maintenance technician watches first need to separate the movement and other components, movement components separately into a metal container with specially formulated solution was subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, before the formal purpose is to repair washed out within the movement dirt. After put into the vault movement until maintenance division removed while the bracelet and case to the labor service in the green area for cleaning and polishing, the so-called green and white areas that are required for temperature control and pressure adjustment are different. White region processing movement of parts and QC, requires severe environmental conditions; and the green areas of the strap and case processing, the requirements of the environment is not harsh white areas. In order to clearly separate the two work areas, the staff at the time of entering the dressing area is completely separate (white and green of the locker room is not the same). Here only the processing chain belt and the watch case. Case and bracelet finely polished to reproduce the original color. The following highlights said movement of history, after the movement was removed from the vault, the movement will be immediately sent to repair the assembly area which should be the entire labor service the largest and the largest number of visually about more than 40 stations while replacement and assembly work over 30 technicians during the movement parts of the whole workshop very safe at the same time labor service in most of the workshops are conducted air purification project, is often said that the clean overpressure area in which I found A highlight: Drag all stations in front of a large screen, digital and codes constantly scrolling on the screen indicate corresponding parts technician needs is ready, you can go to fitting window to do so will receive a good solution technician. In the repair process needs to move around to ask Accessories readiness, saving time and letting everyone reconciled to repair itself, and to reduce to a minimum the situation to influence others must point Like! tiny aspect to consider carefully, but also consumers gospel.
[Vacuum, compression, condensation and water testing]
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We saw almost all electronic parts room management, computer accessories through direct query and retrieval. A worker can quickly complete all the work. Here we want to be clear that we will choose the direct labor service provided by Swiss Rolex  replica headquarters The original parts replaceable components in the assembly session, the movement of the various functional components are carefully coated with the most advanced lubricant to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear, in order to ensure sustainable customer Rolex watch movement and accurate operation. Especially in the installation part of the balance wheel, which is tuned to the accuracy of the time and work required, after complete inspection, after a detailed examination of each movement will, in addition, in order to ensure the level of quality testing, each subject seized Rolex watch but will undergo a rigorous timing and waterproof test.

Eventually, customers will get accurate and reliable Rolex  replica watch. To ensure accurate timing, watchmaker carefully tuned balance wheel, and electronic test on its timing accuracy. Then, watchmaker Rolex watch customers will be fully tested and carefully observed, and after a few days, in order to verify the performance of the replica watches. In the process of assembling the case, I saw how the technicians carefully placed a waterproof gasket and crystal glass case no movement of the case will be installed after the seal test, and more than one group. First, carry out the air stress test (air test), then the test case has been compressed to ensure each costing watch should have waterproof test by actual waterproof (waterproof test), if it is DEEPSEA watch also needs to push 3900 m depth were simulated environment whether helium valve will open test, very strict! absolutely fly!

Next, the maintenance of good movement again after thorough cleaning will be charged in the case, while there will be the person responsible for the movement of the case assembled to conduct an inspection to see if there are still flaws in here I can be very responsibly tell you that all the Rolex Tudor maintenance process is exactly the same, regardless of social status. After condensing tested after also need to watch the last time precision test, the principle is generally under the watch of professional equipment recorded a time of Number of clip angle between three pointer, when the 24 hours after the same time the angle were compared with the previous several times in order to determine to go after recording accurate or not, this is a very rigorous scientific approach. A full Rolex textbook machine maintenance of core and case part to come to an end here. Ontario will visit the region spent about a half hour, we can see the complexity of the process. I think if there is no standardized management it is difficult to do in an orderly manner . exciting is, Rolex staff regularly conduct technical training to improve the technical level and theoretical knowledge technician, after all movement is always evolving, labor service did not hesitate.
Speaking polished natural thing that many consumers are concerned about the appearance of the United States is always the focus of attention, labor service for meticulous polishing, we can from the rigorous process was evident and see the whole picture. For example, after polishing end cleaning session actually need to go through three cleaning, which is almost invisible in ordinary polishing work such as: strap clean first need to constantly back and forth with the cleaning liquid in the water, after the implantation of ordinary water to continue cleaning, I think it is in order to remove the cleaning liquid chemical elements. I did not expect that the final will be placed in purified water to do the same process, the purpose is to remove the residual mineral water stains ordinary water, imagine, right? That’s why by labor service polished look out the watch will be more.
[Polishing table]
Rolex \ Emperor helmsman table before the final delivery to consumers, the repair process at every stage of the maintenance work had been subject to rigorous quality testing to ensure foolproof. In the final testing stage, watchmakers still will follow the production specifications, the last check power reserve watch, timing accuracy and overall appearance, to ensure that all aspects to the highest quality standards. Meanwhile, after the completion of maintenance, a Rolex watch customers get a two-year guarantee. This fully shows that the brand of confidence is not required to have a chart Rolex ensure superior durability watch each one.

This year, Rolex announced a new “Green Seal” will replace the original “red paint seal.” Green Seal (The Green Seal) on behalf of absolute performance and reliability have each watch is chronometer (Superlative Chronometer) symbol top observatory. Purchased since July 1, 2015 per Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Cellini self-winding watches are accompanied by Green Seal. Meanwhile, all the retailers sell Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Cellini watches are accompanied by a five-year service guarantee. This service is guaranteed for two years from the original increase of five years, representing a full-year extended. The new Green Seal and extended service assurance philosophy symbolizes the road Rolex relentless pursuit of perfection, it is also the brand’s inception.

Now I have to answer some important questions about labor service of netizens asked:

Question 1: labor service accepts mailed it? Non-North Canton do not want to go there any good way?
Answer: The labor service is not currently accepting mail, you can find nearby authorized dealers, through distributors to the labor service is safe and reliable.

Question 2: When maintenance bracelet will be split into a section for cleaning and polishing it?
Answer: When maintenance is not split into a section, Rolex  replica watches uk maintenance process can perfectly clean and polish the entire root chain belt without disassembly of whether there is an expedited service Rolex general maintenance of all maintenance services must be performed in accordance with standard procedures. and will not save any part of, plus all the links go is normal maintenance time and labor service maintenance rate has been relatively fast a.

Question 3: Are as legendary as the note is willing to cut the strap really can not prove that the legend does not rely on the main table based on the S & P do not know whether individual will replace the bezel and face plate.?
Answer: No, Rolex  replica uk need to do is watch the original intact, original accessories.

Question 4: When in a foreign country to buy a table can enjoy what services are available in the domestic labor service?
Answer: Yes

Question 5: Are labor service closed on Saturday and Sunday as the legendary thank. Many people fly planes, to not open the door when this big problem, this thing is real, professional service points in other brands, is the case.
Answer: Unfortunately, the Rolex Service Center is currently at work Monday to Friday, weekends suggest that you find the nearest dealer to the labor service.
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Question 6: How often recommend maintenance once official watch?
Answer: There is no specific official recommended time, which need to match the habits and environment to determine, in general, 4–5 years can maintain a relatively good condition if there is no wear of 10 years is not the problem.

Question 7: Insurance card to be stamped, or may have trouble to labor service, and now Hong Kong is no insurance card stamped this matter?
Answer: The warranty card must be stamped Dealer

Question 8: Beijing maintenance after the table, warranty and maintenance after 2 years if there is a problem, whether you can solve the problem in the other free labor service, such as to Shanghai? Even foreign labor service.
Answer: watch regular maintenance labor service, labor service worldwide are valid.

Question 9: Process difference north of Guangzhou labor service and labor service in Hong Kong
There is no difference technical service standards: Answer