Although the blue balloon is often higher Cartier replica watches

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Hong Kong Cartier and prices, and public prices rose, thus driving the secondary market prices also rose. Blue balloon has always been one of the hottest tables in the bezel, a second 42mm large blue balloon price will not be lower than a second 214270 (214270 price than 42 blue balloons high). In contrast, the tank has been a very stable table Cartier, never price fluctuations, the price is very good. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Cartier Tank (the tank is one of the oldest watches), so talk to you about the tank.

Cartier tanks write a lot of people are written Cartier tanks was born in 1917, is a war from the French FT17 light tank on the shape of the inspiration … please rest assured that I will not repeat these news with you, because too soft. So I continue to write some useful for you today, in the face of the current market there are several Cartier tanks, how can we choose.

There are several tanks appearing on the market, mainly American tanks, French tanks, British tanks, Andy Lau (tank MC), tank solo and so on. Cartier is really the design of the watch industry master, the history of the introduction of a lot of models of tanks, including Chinese tanks, flip tanks, jumping tigers and so on, but today we talk about the market have to buy and sell, Not the auction market).

Although the high-end watch is fundamentally no cost (Casio only cost), but I still want to use the “cost-effective” the word, because the tank solo this table makes me feel very value. There are two kinds of tank solo, one is quartz, one is mechanical. Steel shell quartz version of the public price is only 10,000 (steel belt 20,000), steel mechanical movement is the ETA movement version only 25 thousand (steel belt 2700). The price is very low, if coupled with the exchange rate, discount, second-hand market these factors, the list of the hands of the price you can imagine, very cheap (I really feel very cheap, the same is very cheap shell). Another point of view, with a Longines money, you can buy a Cartier. Cartier brand high grade, the tank is one of Cartier’s most classic series, the table looks good (personal aesthetic), ETA movement law-abiding, unless the individual does not like this table, from other angles tank solo simply “no fault.”

I was serving Cartier, Rolex is a reason, Cartier, Rolex watches are basically men and women take-all. A table of men and women can wear, the design level is high, to maintain their own characteristics, recognition at the same time, also reached the balance of men and women aesthetic, this is the master ah. Cartier in the various tanks, the lowest price of the tank solo, but I think the best one (brand, price, style to achieve the best balance). This watch even if you bought, you can wear the wife, most of the world’s girls should love Cartier.

American tanks we can often see. US tank shell shape narrow and long, look more retro. US tanks launched earlier, in 1989, the United States was born on the tank, and intends to use the retro appearance. I would like to focus on the shell of the US tanks, because we can often see the gold shell in the market of American tanks. The long and long long island shells are eye-catching.

Once I had a shop in the hands of a few US tanks, he suggested that we buy, that is very valuable. I am not too cold for American tanks, but have to say that the price is really good Although the table is a quartz movement (US tanks, including quartz, mechanical two), but the 18K gold case is really fascinating. Looked at this long and narrow “gold” to see the price, really people can not tell any problems. It is because many of the US tanks are gold shell, plus long island-style case is not everyone interested, so the price of the US tank gold table is not high, you do not be frightened by the public price, the actual price is often well. The price of steel table to buy gold shell Cartier tanks, is not difficult. You can only find a look can be found.

French tanks were first out of 1996, the French tank is characterized by the case, the bracelet is one, the case is very sharp lines. French tanks are also often seen on the market, I see the French tanks are mostly small size, the girl wearing more appropriate. Compared to the front of the tank solo, the French tanks look more fashionable. There are two versions of the French tank in the market a lot, one is between the gold, the gold between the French tanks is the chain chain is gold, the first is steel, because unlike the Rolex gold watch, the table, bracelet With gold, Cartier gold table K gold ratio is not so big, so the price is good, bracelet with some gold also look good; the other is after drilling, because the French tank case is relatively wide, both sides of the case for diamond, So there are many post-drilling French tanks on the market. For the drill after the table or that sentence, as long as you can buy, but should pay attention to no warranty, after-sales problems.

Compared to the more suitable for the French wearing French tanks, the British tanks are very pure man child’s table, because the size of the British tanks are relatively large (like the big girl can wear, such as a color band), and the crown also protect bridge. British tanks out of 2012, a major feature is the crown on the bridge. Crown is a major feature of Cartier watches, we all know, whether male or female table, inlaid blue spinel crown is a large recognition of Cartier characteristics. British tank crown to do the case inside, there are bridge protection. It should be noted that the 47 mm large British tanks use the Cartier production 1904MC movement (through the bottom), 39.2 mm medium British tanks with the ETA movement. Steel chain large size of the British tank is very suitable for men to wear, shell-shaped pure man child, large size, 1904MC self-produced movement technical characteristics obvious. In the exchange rate, discount, second-hand these factors, the British tank price is also very good, buy a no pressure.

Cartier tank MC, table ring commonly known as “Andy Lau with the tank”, because the launch of the tank MC, is Andy Lau endorsement, Andy Lau to wear this Cartier. Andy is the most high-end Cartier tanks, one of the highest, of course, the highest public price, the price of 50,000 (steel). Tank MC is currently in the sale of various models of the highest quality of a tank, the first is Cartier self-produced movement 1904MC, this movement is Cartier movement research and development department director Carole Forestier-Kasapi developed (Athens freak card Russell is Carole developed). 1904MC this movement has a double stripe, power storage 48 hours, is a torque stable output to focus on the automatic winding movement. Cartier on the tank MC through the bottom of the treatment is in place, the entire back of the case all through the end, 1904MC movement associated with all the outer parts of the Geneva striped decoration.

Tank MC is the only small three-pin model in the sale of tanks, the disk with radiation twisted lines, dial work table other tanks should be complex, fine. If you let me buy a variety of tanks, I certainly buy tanks MC. Members of the old players to buy a table must have their own way, although the price of 50,000, but the table is actually the actual price is very good, and very common.

We do not speak virtual. Talk about the table, do not talk about money, completely meaningless. Talk about money, I immediately went out to the front door on the 23th Patek Philippe source to buy 5271P. Cartier’s market has always been very strong, especially 42mm blue balloons. In contrast, the tank market is usually very friendly. If some players in the hands of limited budget, and want to buy a big brand, then you can look at tanks, especially tank solo. Although the Cartier and London solo, the price is very cheap, but the tank in the world of watches and clocks, not London solo can. Tank solo this watch should be high-end watches in the famous series of the lowest price of one of the watch, the actual price is lower than it’s high-end watches, the basic can not find out (already with Longines a price, and can not be lower) The

PS. Finally on the Cartier movement, Cartier small size watches (female and 36 mm models) generally use ETA2000 or 2671, large size watches (male watch) is mainly 2892. Because the small size models use ETA2000 or 2671 movement, the two movement size is relatively small, about 20 mm, although the power storage is written 38 hours, but because the movement is small, power will not be enough, so often hear Do not wear a day to stop the situation. So we have to buy large size Cartier. Large size models use ETA2892 or 1904MC self-produced movement, the two movement size is about 25.6 mm, power performance is better. 2892 quality I believe you are also assured. I think the use of GM movement is nothing, many countries use a lot of GM is also a general movement, after all, the horse or 7750 it