The new Santos de Cartier replica debuts at 2018 Geneva

Confidence, freedom and ease: Since its birth in 1904, Santos de Cartier watches have been legendary. It not only pays homage to the extraordinary life of Alberto Santos Dumont, but continues to evolve over time. As a pioneer in the engineering age of the early twentieth century, the Santos de Cartier Collection reflects the spirit of the times centered on mechanical speed and technological advances with breakthrough design and functionality. A unique aesthetic design, but also make it a symbol of modern style.

The new Santos de Cartier Collection continues this philosophy of design faithfully, keeping pace with the times, and continuing innovation and change.

For elegance and health
When redesigning this watch, the Cartier Replica Watches UK Design Workshop established the following three core elements: comfortable wear, ingenious layout and continuation of the logo aesthetics of the Santos de Cartier collection.

Keep the square shape. The square shape echoes the sophistication and symmetry conveyed by the aesthetics of Paris in the early 20th century, paying tribute to the square design of the Eiffel Tower. Santos de Cartier series of neat lines to replace the sleek lines, breaking the circular watch is a popular situation.

Keep the eight screws on the bezel. Screws in addition to maintaining the practicality, while commemorating the golden age of Paris city construction ubiquitous mechanical steel structure. When designing this watch, Cartier creatively revealed elements of the screw that were originally concealed.

Bezel was innovative design, so that the case and bracelet lines more harmonious. Delicate slender lines, so watch more features and vitality.

Well-designed bracelet and wrist more docile, the same weight of the replica watches uk after precise measurement, in order to achieve the best ergonomic wear comfort.

Multi-functional strap / bracelet

Strap / bracelet in the history of the Santos de Cartier watch evolution, plays a crucial role. The Santos de Cartier watch is the first modern watch designed for wrist wear. At the time, the wristwatch used a rare leather strap in watchmaking to liberate the wearer from the limitations of pocket watches.
Santos de Cartier series watch new work with innovative strap / bracelet design, more in line with the spirit of the times. It meets the needs of new lifestyles and allows the wearer to enjoy their activities at will. At the same time, different colors and materials of straps / bracelets can be worn according to different occasions.

QuickSwitch hidden under the watchband is a quick replacement strap system that Cartier is patenting.
It combines with the case of the hiding organization, making the wearer can replace stainless steel, 18K gold, calf leather or crocodile leather strap and bracelet. The wearer can simply press the strap / bracelet below to activate the replacement system.

Another cutting-edge technology, SmartLink, is also a metal bracelet regulation system that Cartier is applying for. It eliminates the need for tools to easily adjust the length of a metal bracelet. Buttons equipped with SmartLink are equipped with pushbuttons that remove the screws or remove the screws that are attached to the bracelet.
Modern movement and watch masterpiece
Every adventure of Albert Santos Dumont demonstrates his relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement and Santos de Cartier watches new work is also true: excellence, the pursuit of better timing quality and comfort.
Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement of the escapement and movement structure with a magnetic anti-magnetic nickel-phosphorus components, at the same time set to create a paramagnetic barrier to effectively resist the watch in the course of daily use may Encountered high-intensity magnetic field.
The new Santos de Cartier collection keeps water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters) while maintaining a slim look.
The new Santos de Cartier Collection is assembled, calibrated and tested at the Cartier Fake Watches Sale Workshop to resist the impact of varying position, humidity, temperature, pressure, shock, acceleration, etc. on the travel accuracy of the watch.
quality control
Harsh quality testing is the decisive phase of the Santos de Cartier watch. These tests will simulate a watch in the course of the various situations that may be encountered to ensure the stability of the excellent quality and reliable performance.
Design Ergonomic Strap / Bracelet
Santos de Cartier watches continue to pursue innovation, tribute to Albert · Santos Dumont as a model, committed to changing the world’s modern celebrities, making their spirit, style and passion in the classic Cartier watchmaking connotation to continue.
Albert Santos Dumont

Albert Santos Dumont world-renowned: Rio de Janeiro to establish his name the airport; Paris has to pay tribute to his path; and even set up his name of the lunar crater and space mission station. Albert Santos
Dumont was a vanguard of the modern aviation industry. He first took a balloon flight in 1897 and again in 1907 built the La Demoiselle aircraft, which is the prototype of modern aircraft. Albert Santos Dumont is not only a great flyer, but his style, personality and innovation make him even more an example of contemporary men.
Endless possibilities

Like other outstanding examples of changing the world, this aviation pioneer has created boundless possibilities with an unwavering spirit of independence.
Albert Santos Dumont has designed a total of 24 aircraft, including air boats, helicopters, monoplane and biplane aircraft, continue to explore the future.
Any innovation is inseparable from the adventure. In 1901, he succeeded in creating a hovering over the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Prior to that, he had suffered numerous accidents, the most serious of which was the collision with the buildings near the Summer Palace on landing. Five years later, he successfully drove “Bishop Bismarck” from Buterte Park and set a world record for three “heavier than air” aircraft.
Albert Santos Dumont breaks down traditional manufacturing techniques and proposes creative solutions such as using Chinese silk satin, plywood and piano strings on balloons. These initiatives have made a significant contribution to the development of the aviation industry.
Generous and selfless

Albert Santos Dumont, one of the most generous donors of the time, dedicated his dedication to giving his income to nonprofits. He also offers design drawings free to other pilots dedicated to research, making it one of the earliest “open source” models. For example, the first mass-produced aircraft 设 design drawings of the “La Demoiselle”.
Practical style
Albert Santos Dumont objected to everything. He wore a hat, goggles, and a custom jacket tied to the airplane’s joystick with a cross-over cable. This unique shape, practical beyond the fashion of personal style is the embodiment of the times aesthetics: emphasis on comfort, in line with a new modern way of life.

“The reason why I fly is to stay away from the hubbub and concentrate on thinking.”
– Albert Santos Dumont
The future
The friends around Albert Santos Dumont include elites in industry, the arts and sciences, including Gustave Eiël and Jules Verne. In 1900, he met Louis Cartier and both became attached to the common pursuit of technological development. In 1901, Albert Santos Dumont confessed to Louis Cartier, who was unable to take a pocket watch while driving the airplane to check the time. Three years later, Louis Cartier revolutionized the design of his first wristwatch designed exclusively for wristwatches, creating a precedent in watchmaking.
This swiss replica watches online shop was born in 1904 can be described as Louis Cartier and Albert Santos Dumont two pioneers of the bold exploration of the crystallization. They lead a whole new way of behaving in the modern era and establish a new connection with time.

The advent of Cartier replica watches

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Cheap Cartier Replica Watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Originally in the show before, I wanted to write an article, and you players to
discuss the current market Cartier replica watches DATE JUST status quo. But taking into account the table near the show, do not know Cartier replica watches in
this year’s show will be what kind of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches release arrangements, so the delay did not write. According to Cartier replica watches in the past,
Cartier replica watches has introduced the use of the new 3235 movement of gold gold between the 126333, then the platinum ring model and the
steel model will not be far, even if this year, not over two years will be out. Sure enough, this year’s Basel Watch Fair
Cartier replica watches released the use of the new 3235 movement 126334 and 126300, I think, to discuss with you when the DJ.

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

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And this year’s Basel watch show Cartier replica watches released the red word bubble eye sea dweller, month cut tangi, “color candy bean”
yacht these “super hot” new table compared to the use of the new 3235 movement DJ is not too striking. During the show,
brush burst friends circle are Cartier Replica Watches China “super hot” model. New DJs are barely concerned. But I am very clear, for me, for a
large part of the players, these “super hot” Cartier replica watches regardless of the current extent from the rare, hot or the rate of
increase, the average player is difficult to buy. For a large number of ordinary players, the new platinum ring / all-steel
DJ, is more practical, the actual purchase of the meaning of Cartier replica watches. From this perspective, 126334 and 126300 is the most
important Cartier replica watches this year, is also the most worth buying Cartier replica watches.

Cartier replica watches
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Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

The new Cartier replica watches DATE JUST includes two main models, namely the white gold dog teeth ring steel plate 126334 and aperture steel
126300. Under the two bezel Luxury Cartier Replica Watches models, the style of the package is also included (the model does not change). According to
Cartier replica watches the most important of the three types of dog teeth gold between gold, dog teeth platinum gold, aperture all
steel, and now all updates on DATE JUST, all new 41 mm DATE JUST have used a new generation of 3235 movement ( DJ also
includes all gold models, not covered here). According to the configuration of the Cartier replica watches, gold gold between the
126333 configuration the highest, bezel, crown, the middle chain are K gold, the highest price; platinum gold gold 126334
dog teeth circle is platinum, the other is steel, Price in the middle position; aperture 126300 bezel, case, chain are
steel, the lowest price (aperture has eternal rose gold version). Cartier replica watches this year, the newly released platinum gold between
the gold 126334 and steel 126300 further reduce the price of the new DATE JUST. Plus DATE JUST full range has been replaced,
has no any uncertainty and concerns, I think now we have to consider the time to continue to buy the table.

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Swiss Cartier Replica Watches

After Cartier’s new 126334/126300 came out, the pattern of the Cartier on the market changed. DATE JUST on the market
into three camps. The first camp is the use of a new generation of 3235 movement of 41 mm 126333,126334,126300 (between the
rose gold is 126301). These three new DJ just came out, into the Cartier store. Because just released, into the secondary
market is limited, into the store in accordance with the wages to buy the table, the price is relatively high, the price is
no advantage. But the new generation Swiss Cartier Replica Watches of DATE JUST has the current DJ in the most perfect disk ratio, pointer, dial, bezel,
crown, size size ratio coordination, perfect, unparalleled. A new generation of 3235 movement has obvious technical
advantages, regardless of including CHRONERGY escapement, including technical details, but also talk about the difference
between the ball bearing automatic tuo and pin-type, only 70 hours of power over a lot of 3135, which is We can see, feel
that, the real advantage (after all, 3135 is now +2 / -2). With our most familiar words is that early to buy early to enjoy,
but early to enjoy the need to spend more money.

Compare the Rolex new replica watches

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Do not be late, straight into the topic. At first, I would have liked to compare Rolex’s new top-level observatory
standards and the Omega’s Astronomical Observatory standard. However, I consider that I have only one Omega, but also a
and the current standards of Omega Cheap Replica Watches completely unobtrusive manual landing on the super, so to give up the idea. On the
other hand, before I am full of interest in the new Omega respect for the respect, because the new respect is clearly
the new flagship model of Omega, especially the fine dog teeth and gossip face not only has a strong retro color, and
appears Very luxurious, coupled with relatively high cost, these are people heart. However, after tangled a lot,
finally did not buy respect Pa, but also “defected” the Rolex. This time to give up respect for the respect, in
exchange for a use of the new Observatory standard Rolex. This is also just to give me a comparison of Rolex new and
old platform standards. Rolex before the Observatory standard is a daily error of + 6 / -4 seconds, the new standard is
+ 2 / -2 seconds per day.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

From 1951 onwards, Rolex basic factory all the watches have been reached at the time of the Observatory standards (then
the Observatory standards and now is not the same, not +6 / -4). In 1957, Rolex that the official Swiss Observatory
standards have been unable to meet the needs of Rolex, Rolex watches travel time accuracy has exceeded the official
Observatory standards, so Rolex decided to use their own Observatory standards, which is the Rolex Top Observatory
(Superlative Chronometer) the origin The

Buy Replica Watches

The Swiss Observatory standard has been adjusted several times at different times, and the standard from 1961 to 1973
is the daily error of -1 / + 10, after 1973, adjusted to the current -4 / + 6 days per day. For some reason (mainly
Switzerland, France, Germany jointly developed the problem) led to the Observatory standards from 1973 to -4 / +6
seconds to today has not been adjusted. For the current watch, the standard of -4 / + 6 seconds is not a very difficult
thing (although most of the Buy Replica Watches still do not have the Observatory certification). So including a lot of close to
the price of the watch, have passed the Observatory certification. In order to reflect the level of their own, and the
difference with the general brand watches, Rolex in 2015 will be the top of the Observatory (Superlative Chronometer)
standards to +2 / -2 every day. From the Rolex new DAY DATE 40 (using a new generation of 3255 movement), after all the
Rolex watches, including female form, whether using the 31XX movement or 32XX movement, all the new daily error +2 / -2
seconds standard The We can see from the official website of Rolex, all watches in the travel time column, has all been
changed to +2 / -2 seconds. Although we sometimes use the machine to measure the time of the watch, although the
machine is accurate, all directions can be measured very accurate, but really wear on the hand or there is a difference
between the time to go hand in hand and the machine measured the number is not the same The So I recently used three
tables, each wearing a few days, carried out a small contrast. The three tables are used in the movement, there is no
Observatory certification 2892, the old standard 3135, and the new standard of 3135.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

Luxury Replica Watches

Rolex Luxury Replica Watches top observatory, also known as Super Observatory, Superlative Chronometer. First is 2892. I only 2892 is no
Observatory certified watches. I feel a lot of watch factory like to adjust the table slightly faster, maybe people
think that walking faster than walking slowly. This is only 2892 is to go fast, from the first day of the full string
is to go fast. Watch a day later, the basic has been about 10 seconds faster. And then I wear for two days and found
that the 2892 adjustment is indeed fast, two or three days after the fast has been more than 10 seconds. I thought
about wearing this watch before the feeling, it seems to wear a week, the basic error is great.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

Swiss Replica Watches

Then I wear the old standard 3135. This watch is maintained after the factory once (I remember the year before), so
when the maintenance was Swiss Replica Watches re-adjusted a bit. After the full string, go for a day, watch go fast, basically 2, 2 seconds
look. In the next one or two days the watch continues to go fast, but the time is completely in the daily error of +6 /
-4 in the standard.

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Cheap Replica Watches