Star charity night everyone is concerned about replica watches

Once the annual Bazaar “Star Charity Night”, although charity is the eternal theme of the event, but the big coffee stars gathered at the scene, really accidentally can provoke the topic and controversy. Evening party just ended, on the delicate relationship between female stars, photo station C-bit problem has become a hot search. Although these disputes seem to have little relationship with male stars, but they are also in other aspects of secretly contest, and the most conspicuous “contest field” is the wrist.

And female stars, male stars do not care station, the relationship is not so sensitive, complex, but the watch taste, but they will be on the red carpet will be some of the place. In this regard, Deng Chao is not tweaking on the performance, not only red suit enough eye-catching, the hands of Patek Philippe “Nautilus” is a big square to reveal, of course, Pose also need to take care of a few more photographers to shoot ~

Even if the cut a high-handed men’s round, Jiang Jinfu still looks like a pair of obsession look. Clean white suit, black trousers, is the most standard on the red carpet standard, and of course on the choice of the watch will be another way. Cartier key series hollow automatic watch, Cartier iconic Roman numerals turned into movement hollow table bridge, III, VI, IX and XII digital style of the hollow table bridge and movement between the actual situation side by side, inside and outside cleverly revealed.

Temperament is very Man’s Hu Bing, picked a Wuwei dress red carpet. Clothing has an elegant gentleman’s feeling, the watch is responsible for highlighting the accuracy of men and elegant. Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler One watch is the brand L.U.C series of the first world time watch, specifically for the global traveler to build. This practical and complex function watch allows the wearer to easily read the time of the world’s time zones. Gentleman in the demeanor, do not feel the wisdom of men reflect the style.

Shangmei Paris watch the general female star wearing more, Zhang Yixing choose to wear it, really a little “courage”. Because this “bee butterfly opera” watch, dial in the colorful butterflies, bees and flowers dotted, very feminine color, the general men will avoid the distance. Zhang Yixing wearing a black suits suit also suppress the softness of the watch. But also because of the contrast between the two extreme style, so that his shape becomes more special point.

“Package total” Yang Shuo is often photographed, will first out of a landmark dimple. And then look at the wrist on the deliberately stroked cuffs exposed “Daikin table”, 45 mm dial diameter, like low-key is difficult Yang Shuo this is only a strong sense of the watch is from Breguet’s maritime series. Using Breguet classic money pattern modified watch looks tough domineering, but also a little bit exaggerated. For other men to wear, may also have to consider, people set “exaggerated in the end,” Yang Shuo, it touches dare to take it concave shape.

Actor Gao Yunxiang a wave point dress is quite satisfactory, the wrist on the Earl Altiplano 60 anniversary series of watches than the clothing to have texture, was marked more tune. He also quite “effort” to the watch with a silver bracelet, in fact, for men, stack a little superfluous, a watch can highlight the gas field.

Female stars in such occasions, most will choose a more feminine jewelry accessories as the wrist between the foil, wearing a watch actress very few. But Zhang Ziyi, Qin Hailu and Zhang Liangying is the opposite of the selected diamond-studded watches.

Zhang Ziyi’s neon color dress with Po Geli SERPENTI watch, a kind of heavy makeup wipe the total affordable feeling. Dressed in flashing beads piece dress Qin Hailu, although the election of Tiffany with her charm, experience is not very good, so good in the square watch full of diamond decoration can always fill these vacancies. Relatively low-key some Jane Zhang wearing a yellow dress, only Cartier Baignoire watch to add a little sense of origin, bright and not flirtatious, worthy of praise.

White diamond Cartier replica watches

Buy Cartier Replica Watches
Buy Cartier Replica Watches

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Immediately 520, is there a favorite object to spend with you? Or in a crush on stage, not to her to her confession. Can be sent in a variety of ways, send chocolate to send flowers, write letters, call, etc., if these traditional way of expression that no creativity, then for your beloved ladies choose a white watch to express love, after all There is a “white watch means to express” it! Plus diamonds and women love this fan of a kind, so the following recommended three white dial and diamond ladies watch.

Cartier blue balloon series WE902074 watch

Domestic Price: RMB 56000
Watch series: blue balloon
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Case thickness: 9.96 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Swiss Cartier Replica Watches

This Cartier watch, with a stainless steel case, and has a blue balloon series of classic groove crown, crown inlaid with a convex round synthetic spinel. Through the sapphire crystal mirror, can clearly see the silver-plated paint polished Glyph Glyph, with the sun pattern radiation effect, the upper reaches of the dial walking blue-shaped steel pointer, plus inlaid with 11 bright cut round diamond time scale , Sparkling dazzling, with stainless steel bracelet, for the wrist added an elegant. Wristwatch carrying Cartier 076 model movement, with automatic winding function, water depth of 3 bar (30 m / 100 feet). Blue balloon is one of the most popular favorite watch, bring her to declare that the probability of success greatly improved Oh.

Domestic price: RMB 79000
Watch series: LVCEA
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless Steel / 18k Rose Gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Cartier Replica Watches China

This Bvlgari LVCEA series watch, with 33 mm steel case and 18K rose gold bezel. White mother of pearl dial, decorated with diamonds standard, delicate and charming. Dial three times the location with a calendar display window, dial in addition to the classic logo logo and diamond time scale, no other complex modification, and then with stainless steel and 18K rose gold bracelet, but also shows the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the atmosphere. Watch equipped with B77 model automatic winding mechanical movement, power reserve 42 hours.

Domestic price: RMB 52300
Watch series: constellation
Watch diameter: 24 mm
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Stainless steel case with 18K red gold diamond bezel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

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This Omega Constellation series to watch the dial to show timeless charm of the design concept. 24mm steel case with 18K red gold diamond bezel, with 18K red gold steel bracelet, color with fashion avant-garde. Scrub watch through the reflective treatment of wear-resistant sapphire under the table, you can see equipped with 18K red gold three-dimensional constellation pattern of white mother of pearl dial, three-dimensional stars in the white dial sparkling, bright and shiny. This timepiece equipped with precision quartz movement – Omega 1376 movement, plated surface, battery life of up to 48 months. Waterproof performance of 100 meters.

Summary: to put aside the meaning of this layer, many women on the white watch is indeed a soft spot, white symbolizes purity and beauty, but also represents a peaceful peace and freedom, women control the white, it will certainly become everyone The focus. For her to choose a white diamond watch it, quasi-error!

Gorgeous encounter Cartier replica watches

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches
Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier has always been a cheetah as a source of inspiration, the animal image inspired Cartier watchmaker inspiration
endless burst at the same time, Cartier watch master also gave the cheetah countless different image, or Smart, or
mysterious, or charm, are lifelike The Cheetah as Cartier watch in the iconic Luxury Cartier Replica Watches animal image, the fun of the appearance of the
debut, a new interpretation of a complex function watch.

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches
Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Swiss Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier not only in the field of modern watchmaking in a pioneering position, its high-level jewelry in the same industry-
oriented position. The Cartier will be clever use of diamonds, black lacquered and emerald, superb jewelry technology will
be a new movement and cheetah image Swiss Cartier Replica Watches combination. Superb craftsmanship of the craft makes Cartier show lifelike three-
dimensional cheetah image.

This section of the watch design is very unique, cheetah magic turned into timepieces, with a secret mechanism, time without
time scale, but in a unique way presented on the dial. Leopard head and leopard claws show minutes, the ball is showing
hours, watch dial showing a naive cheetah and diamond ball chase play cute dynamic.

Luxury Cartier Replica WatchesLuxury Cartier Replica Watches
Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier Replica Watches China

Watch from 18K white gold to create 40 mm diameter case, case thickness of 12.05 mm. Dial, 18K white gold cheetah seems to
jump from the depths of the dial, showing chasing the ball, play the naive face of play. Cheetah pattern on the shop with
254 total weight of 1 carat bright cut round Cartier Replica Watches China diamond, decorated with black paint leopard spot, leopard eye made by the
emerald inlaid, sparkling.

Watch 18K white gold case side mosaic full bright cut round drill, endless shine, and the center of the dial by the diamond
composed of cheetah echo each other. The bead-shaped crown is inlaid with a crystal-clear diamonds.

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches
Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

Buy Cartier Replica Watches

Watch with lavender crocodile leather strap, with 18K white gold folding clasp, inlaid bright cut diamond. Wrist watch
Cartier 9918 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement, movement diameter 25.6 mm, thickness of 5.61 mm, composed
of 214 parts. Movement and leopard body Buy Cartier Replica Watches together for one, showing a lively and agile dial landscape. The watch can provide
about 48 hours of power storage and 30 meters of water depth.

Summary: In the complex function of the Panthère Joueuse cheetah decorative watch, the cheetah show chasing the ball,
playing the naive face of play, while the cheetah and the ball and turned out to show the time function. The entire watch in
the mosaic full of diamonds at the same time will not have a very heavy sense of age, but full of playful very lively.