Panerai Replica watches college debut in Beijing

Panerai Replica watches college debut in Beijing

[15 July 2015] love the table in Beijing, “The Panerai Watchmaking Academy Panerai watches Academy” debuted in Beijing in mainland China, show senior watch brand in the field of movement towards the full realization of independent research and development and production Road advancing ambition and practice. Students at leading watchmaker Panerai, the use of professional watchmaking tools gradually explore, carefully parsed P.4000  Panerai fake watches movement of machinery esoteric.

Since 2005 launched its first self-movement P.2002 so far, we have been successfully developed self-movement Panerai total 20, with work in different functions of the watch being. From basic functions such as two time to the extraordinary precision timing functionality for daily needs from the 8th day power reserve, it made more patents tourbillon movement P.2005 replica watches uk and produced for the regatta P. 9100 / R. Early 2014 Panerai Swiss Bendict McIntyre Pierre-à-Bot Highland establish a new watch factory, a brand move to the next peak of more powerful technology support.

“The Panerai Watchmaking Academy Panerai watches Academy” in carefully arranged exclusive space. In Panerai watchmaker professional explanation, students sitting in the professional watchmaking workbench engrossed, unraveling gradually explore two-way movement on the chain Mini-automatic pendulum Tuo, double barrel, and in-depth understanding of regulation, drive and escapement.

After the successful completion of the dismantling and assembly P.4000, students awarded Panerai fake watches china, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Julio Sato authorized “The Panerai Watchmaking Academy Panerai watches Academy” certificate of completion. This is “The Panerai Watchmaking Academy Panerai watches Academy” for the first time awarded this certificate in mainland China. Subsequently, the students one by one tasting new 2015 Panerai watches. Which has Radiomir 1940 watches and Luminor Submersible 1950 professional diving watch two main themes.

Fusion Italian design aesthetics and the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Panerai is world-renowned advanced sports watch brand, has always been committed to the professional watchmaking, devoted efforts in recent years is the development and manufacture of the movement. By “The Panerai Watchmaking Academy Panerai watches college,” the experience, hoping the Panerai brand efforts and achievements in the field of Haute Horlogerie watch enthusiasts and collectors to show more parallel to mouth

After the event we went to the Spanish designer redesigned after fitting a new Panerai Beijing Yintai Center, visit the shop.

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