REPLICA FIYTA limit new series WATCHES

REPLICA FIYTA limit new series WATCHES

Gold scorching summer, it is part of the limit fans season. REPLICA FIYTA “Extreme” series and watch sway with enthusiastic fans! In July, FIYTA brand in the River City Wuhan, will ignite another wave of extreme fashion craze consumers. In addition to the large fluorescent night run “Yeah enjoy the time, run it,” the third leg, FIYTA brand invite friend, a popular “Running Man” star – Li Chen, Qingqing help FIYTA Wuhan activities for FIYTA “limit “series of new tour first stop opening, and” day manager “status, as FIYTA winners of loyal fans and night run activities offer VIP level warm service men. Event day, Wuhan citizens can not withstand the sunny enthusiasm for the run male idol, FIYTA to join Li Chen handsome appearance, the atmosphere will instantly ignited, will FIYTA “Extreme” series of new tour first stop climax !
Ultimate Fashion surprise “warm man” Li Chen struck
Ultimate Fashion surprise “warm man” Li Chen struck

Has always been to “screen warm man” image of the show’s quality fake watches Li Chen, recently described as bursting with popularity. His deep-rooted “tear got famous, went for a movie, write a screenplay,” the civil and military image for all television viewers are familiar. But few people know that or a racing ace Li Chen, he had joked: “I’m the best actor in the car, but also the hands of the best racing acting.” Demonstration of his driving skill.
“Warm man morning” star manager service experience

Li Chen Wuhan night run award winners
Appeared in the 2015 Baselworld FIYTA “extreme” new series of replica watches uk, sports element cross-border integration, highlighting the wrist “Fast and Furious.” So perfect fusion led FIYTA second collaboration with the brand’s best friend Li Chen interpretation FIYTA “extreme” spiritual. This is FIYTA and Li Chen following the “moon Tourbillon” Publish hand in hand again. Given the experience of previous tacit cooperation, Li Chen, the airborne Wuhan, the transition has been a guest “star manager” role, “the day manager” status, for the day of the event every visit FIYTA shoppers provide “warm man morning” star manager service experience, let them enjoy VIP “warm man” service. More are Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan three stations “Yeah enjoy time run it” status title Limit night run activities captain personally Wuhan top three winners of the awards night run, send gift limit. It is worth mentioning that Wuhan night run of winners are internationally renowned marathon athlete. Lanzhou marathon champion was the domestic championship, the World Universiade runner manifold edge. As foreign friends Nicholas and third place runner-up Willie, extraordinary interpretation of the spirit of cross-border activities FIYTA limit night run.
Limit new pilgrimage Wuhan first leg open

FIYTA “Extreme” series of watches and watch specialist consumer debut this year with praise Shenzhen fake Watches & Clock Fair, by the exhibition. Wuhan is the ultimate series of new tour FIYTA first stop. Activity as the opening ceremony, opened the next few months will open in major cities of the new tour.

The FIYTA also appeared in stage design works replica Watches Fair in Shenzhen – the “shadow of the car” to the event site. With Li Chen and assistant general manager of Inc. FIYTA Group and general manager of Mr. Pan Bo FIYTA sales, vice president of sales Ltd. Mr. Pu FIYTA Hong FIYTA Sales Co., Ltd., Wuhan Branch General Manager Mr. Luo has just cut the ribbon completed by 1400 G4 lamp beads to create a “shadow of the car” also is lit: the ultimate sports car looks gorgeous, with roaring gallop brought up in light and shadow, attracting every participant Activity friends in the media and the public to whom applauded.
Jingyi time extraordinary control
Limit FIYTA watches
The conference, Li Chenpei wear limit FIYTA watches replica, the exhibition at Baselworld 2015 and the first “homecoming” appeared in the 26th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. Watch black bezel, convey mysterious visual tension. Three-dimensional multi-level dial, coupe steering wheel shape clearly visible, a cellular mesh steering wheel skeleton, also used the car ran into the grille and car air-conditioning outlet elements. Under the watch will be placed in the hollow dial glare sapphire glass, ready to show the operation of mechanical movement, full of mechanical movement. Meticulously polished metal nail embedded in the word “brakes” ring disk shape,fake watches uk smooth and carbon black brushed metal texture each other to bring out their charm, and on the inner shadow ring, a degree of density digital, legibility reading; the ingenious concept coupe design above, taking into account the nature of its wrist timepieces. Watch case back design, taken from coupe wheels. Whistling rotating hub, was on the closest place to the wearer’s pulse, a sense of freedom and control personal experience brought about by the watch. Will enhance water resistance to 100 meters, so that extreme sports are more vividly.

Watch configuration:
Name: FIYTA limit series
Model: GA866002.MBR
Movement: Automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, rose gold plated water
Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plating
Dial: black, hollow
Glass: single-sided anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: Brown leather
Waterproof: 100 m

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