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Halloween, though in real sense, is a Halloween, but foreigners will play and abruptly turn this festival into a national carnival if it turns into a very solemn or even some-terrified one in China. It is also from their different ideas of life. Gradually, the country has also played a popular Halloween, especially in first-tier cities, how people will miss such a rare carnival night, people can be dressed in heterodoxy, ghost makeup, into the Halloween party. From the accessories point of view, the rich people’s Halloween, what luxury extra curiosity watch, come to the town market?

Cartier creative gem watch series HPI00609

Product Model: HPI00609
Domestic price: ¥ 1310000
Movement type: quartz
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Cartier creative gem watch, the “royal jeweler”, with very luxurious materials, made this very unique watch. First of all, in the eyes of the designer, the watch first from the mood, joined the snake wrapped winding branches of the situation, it uses platinum and a large number of diamond inlaid, then add a variety of Choi Po, so watch as a mystery. Second, and more interestingly, the snake on the watch can be taken down and used as a brooch. Snakes in different cultures have different symbolic meanings, there are evil evil, deterrent, mysterious, and horrible. In short, it is clever to use a snake to express their style of queen during Halloween.

Product Type: 139307-5001
Domestic price: ¥ 2640000
Movement type: quartz
Case material: 18k gold

Of course, not all of the rich women, want to become the Queen, “Inhuman”, there are very playful, this Chopard Animal World watch, the use of nature’s very cute and interesting owl as a blueprint, huge Two eyes, Meng Zhong heart. Of course, as a fine jewelry watch, it has been fascinated by the natural design itself, and a large number of diamonds and ladder ruby ​​inlaid, make this watch more agile. Owls actually represent a kind of mystery and magic, in many Western magic IP, owl figure.

Product Model: RM19-01WG-BLUE BAG
Domestic price: ¥ 6440000
Watch diameter: 46.40 x 38.30 mm
Case thickness: 12.45 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Movement Model: RM 19-01
Case material: 18K white gold

Of course, referring to the rich, of course, easy to think of billionaires club tickets – Richard Mir. This watch is one of the finest jewelry models, designed a spider disk, we can see this spider huge body size, and sharp corners, very ghostly. Case on the mosaic of a large number of gems, faint tones increase its mystery, spider in many literary and film works, there is a very strong intention, its mysterious, woven screen, often represents the death , Also represents the bondage. Use spiders to decorate Halloween, can no longer “arrogant”.

Product Type: G0A36577
Domestic price: ¥ 1811800
Caliber: Cal.600P
Case Material: 18k rose gold diamond

Earl Dragon and Phoenix Tourbillon watch, the real king of arrogance. Although Halloween is a Halloween, but in the face of a monster ghosts, I hold the scepter, dragon and phoenix body care, simply can awe all directions, the pressure of the audience. The devil or do not easily close, or hurt the face is not good. Of course, this watch is simply a treasure of the town market, can not be easily revealed.

Star charity night everyone is concerned about replica watches

Once the annual Bazaar “Star Charity Night”, although charity is the eternal theme of the event, but the big coffee stars gathered at the scene, really accidentally can provoke the topic and controversy. Evening party just ended, on the delicate relationship between female stars, photo station C-bit problem has become a hot search. Although these disputes seem to have little relationship with male stars, but they are also in other aspects of secretly contest, and the most conspicuous “contest field” is the wrist.

And female stars, male stars do not care station, the relationship is not so sensitive, complex, but the watch taste, but they will be on the red carpet will be some of the place. In this regard, Deng Chao is not tweaking on the performance, not only red suit enough eye-catching, the hands of Patek Philippe “Nautilus” is a big square to reveal, of course, Pose also need to take care of a few more photographers to shoot ~

Even if the cut a high-handed men’s round, Jiang Jinfu still looks like a pair of obsession look. Clean white suit, black trousers, is the most standard on the red carpet standard, and of course on the choice of the watch will be another way. Cartier key series hollow automatic watch, Cartier iconic Roman numerals turned into movement hollow table bridge, III, VI, IX and XII digital style of the hollow table bridge and movement between the actual situation side by side, inside and outside cleverly revealed.

Temperament is very Man’s Hu Bing, picked a Wuwei dress red carpet. Clothing has an elegant gentleman’s feeling, the watch is responsible for highlighting the accuracy of men and elegant. Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler One watch is the brand L.U.C series of the first world time watch, specifically for the global traveler to build. This practical and complex function watch allows the wearer to easily read the time of the world’s time zones. Gentleman in the demeanor, do not feel the wisdom of men reflect the style.

Shangmei Paris watch the general female star wearing more, Zhang Yixing choose to wear it, really a little “courage”. Because this “bee butterfly opera” watch, dial in the colorful butterflies, bees and flowers dotted, very feminine color, the general men will avoid the distance. Zhang Yixing wearing a black suits suit also suppress the softness of the watch. But also because of the contrast between the two extreme style, so that his shape becomes more special point.

“Package total” Yang Shuo is often photographed, will first out of a landmark dimple. And then look at the wrist on the deliberately stroked cuffs exposed “Daikin table”, 45 mm dial diameter, like low-key is difficult Yang Shuo this is only a strong sense of the watch is from Breguet’s maritime series. Using Breguet classic money pattern modified watch looks tough domineering, but also a little bit exaggerated. For other men to wear, may also have to consider, people set “exaggerated in the end,” Yang Shuo, it touches dare to take it concave shape.

Actor Gao Yunxiang a wave point dress is quite satisfactory, the wrist on the Earl Altiplano 60 anniversary series of watches than the clothing to have texture, was marked more tune. He also quite “effort” to the watch with a silver bracelet, in fact, for men, stack a little superfluous, a watch can highlight the gas field.

Female stars in such occasions, most will choose a more feminine jewelry accessories as the wrist between the foil, wearing a watch actress very few. But Zhang Ziyi, Qin Hailu and Zhang Liangying is the opposite of the selected diamond-studded watches.

Zhang Ziyi’s neon color dress with Po Geli SERPENTI watch, a kind of heavy makeup wipe the total affordable feeling. Dressed in flashing beads piece dress Qin Hailu, although the election of Tiffany with her charm, experience is not very good, so good in the square watch full of diamond decoration can always fill these vacancies. Relatively low-key some Jane Zhang wearing a yellow dress, only Cartier Baignoire watch to add a little sense of origin, bright and not flirtatious, worthy of praise.

Compare the Rolex new replica watches

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Cheap Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. At first, I would have liked to compare Rolex’s new top-level observatory
standards and the Omega’s Astronomical Observatory standard. However, I consider that I have only one Omega, but also a
and the current standards of Omega Cheap Replica Watches completely unobtrusive manual landing on the super, so to give up the idea. On the
other hand, before I am full of interest in the new Omega respect for the respect, because the new respect is clearly
the new flagship model of Omega, especially the fine dog teeth and gossip face not only has a strong retro color, and
appears Very luxurious, coupled with relatively high cost, these are people heart. However, after tangled a lot,
finally did not buy respect Pa, but also “defected” the Rolex. This time to give up respect for the respect, in
exchange for a use of the new Observatory standard Rolex. This is also just to give me a comparison of Rolex new and
old platform standards. Rolex before the Observatory standard is a daily error of + 6 / -4 seconds, the new standard is
+ 2 / -2 seconds per day.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

From 1951 onwards, Rolex basic factory all the watches have been reached at the time of the Observatory standards (then
the Observatory standards and now is not the same, not +6 / -4). In 1957, Rolex that the official Swiss Observatory
standards have been unable to meet the needs of Rolex, Rolex watches travel time accuracy has exceeded the official
Observatory standards, so Rolex decided to use their own Observatory standards, which is the Rolex Top Observatory
(Superlative Chronometer) the origin The

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The Swiss Observatory standard has been adjusted several times at different times, and the standard from 1961 to 1973
is the daily error of -1 / + 10, after 1973, adjusted to the current -4 / + 6 days per day. For some reason (mainly
Switzerland, France, Germany jointly developed the problem) led to the Observatory standards from 1973 to -4 / +6
seconds to today has not been adjusted. For the current watch, the standard of -4 / + 6 seconds is not a very difficult
thing (although most of the Buy Replica Watches still do not have the Observatory certification). So including a lot of close to
the price of the watch, have passed the Observatory certification. In order to reflect the level of their own, and the
difference with the general brand watches, Rolex in 2015 will be the top of the Observatory (Superlative Chronometer)
standards to +2 / -2 every day. From the Rolex new DAY DATE 40 (using a new generation of 3255 movement), after all the
Rolex watches, including female form, whether using the 31XX movement or 32XX movement, all the new daily error +2 / -2
seconds standard The We can see from the official website of Rolex, all watches in the travel time column, has all been
changed to +2 / -2 seconds. Although we sometimes use the machine to measure the time of the watch, although the
machine is accurate, all directions can be measured very accurate, but really wear on the hand or there is a difference
between the time to go hand in hand and the machine measured the number is not the same The So I recently used three
tables, each wearing a few days, carried out a small contrast. The three tables are used in the movement, there is no
Observatory certification 2892, the old standard 3135, and the new standard of 3135.

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Cheap Replica Watches

Luxury Replica Watches

Rolex Luxury Replica Watches top observatory, also known as Super Observatory, Superlative Chronometer. First is 2892. I only 2892 is no
Observatory certified watches. I feel a lot of watch factory like to adjust the table slightly faster, maybe people
think that walking faster than walking slowly. This is only 2892 is to go fast, from the first day of the full string
is to go fast. Watch a day later, the basic has been about 10 seconds faster. And then I wear for two days and found
that the 2892 adjustment is indeed fast, two or three days after the fast has been more than 10 seconds. I thought
about wearing this watch before the feeling, it seems to wear a week, the basic error is great.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

Swiss Replica Watches

Then I wear the old standard 3135. This watch is maintained after the factory once (I remember the year before), so
when the maintenance was Swiss Replica Watches re-adjusted a bit. After the full string, go for a day, watch go fast, basically 2, 2 seconds
look. In the next one or two days the watch continues to go fast, but the time is completely in the daily error of +6 /
-4 in the standard.

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Cheap Replica Watches