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Australian opal product is sometimes called “the deposited Swiss Breitling Replica Watches Store” gem because it is the main form and produced in large artesian wells in the Mesozoic sedimentary rocks of the basin.
Pleasant Hughes Opal usually contain 6-10% of moisture, while it contains small silicon particles are arranged in a regular pattern.
Mohs hardness generally between 5/5 to 6/5, based primarily on the moisture content of the different specific gravity between 1/9 to 2/3.
A method of coagulation of the silica, water gradually decreases, the natural adhesion gel forming ball-shaped, spheroid silica pellets, the size of the amorphous silicon particles in the 1500 angstroms to 3500 angstroms (a angstrom corresponds to a billionth of a centimeter).
These pellets though small, but full of opal within a very regular rows.
Because they are round sphere, there is a small gap of the structure (as many marble balls after being placed in the container appears in the space between them), which are three-dimensional arrangement of empty.
Opal color is due to the decomposition of the spatial arrangement of these rules by the optical diffraction of the produced white light.
When the silicon particles is relatively large when the deviation will be relatively large, red or orange light diffraction occurs.
If silicon particles is relatively low, the same difference will be relatively small, the blue-violet spectrum can be decomposed by the diffraction effect.
That changes color in the rainbow, like the general, diffraction of light replica watches is stronger space size of the largest, and therefore change opal often very bright red color area, while changing color blue is relatively low.
In short, the color changes from Pleasant Hughes Opal regular arrangement of silicon particles and the gap between the diffraction effect of white light.
The diameter of the silicon particles determines the distribution of colors opal, opal small silicon particles will produce the blue-violet, and habitual vice versa will have a precious red.
Opal everyone has a different value depending on their quality, the main determinant is: Embryo colors, color game, color, brightness, design, size and shape.
Ranking Opal: a natural natural opal opal is extracted directly all gold, manual processing was not natural gemstones.
We call the original opal is the product based on the natural opal cutting, grinding, polishing to become one of the integral parts can enjoy natural opal.
Original Opal divided into the following categories: 1, black opal in dark colors embryo showing bright colors, which we call the black opal.
Black Opal produced in New South Wales Leiden Ning Ruiqi, are the most famous and most expensive varieties of opal.
Black Opal does not mean it is completely black, but shades lighter compared to Opal embryo, its deeper hue embryo.
2, white opal, it was also called “opal milk.”
White opal presented embryo is light-colored shades, produced mainly in South Australia Coober Pedy.
White Opal embryo because of its relatively light tone, generally produce quite a few.
White Opal did not show a strong contrast bright colors like black opal.
But the color is very beautiful, high quality white fake rolex watches opal are found when.
3, stone sparkle shine opal stone opal is able to show the color of the opal attached to the iron ore can not be separated, mainly produced in Queensland, Australia.
This opal and iron ore can not be cut together, wrapped in thin iron ore from the color of the opal surface, iron ore from the dark opal color on the bottom so it looks beautiful .
Opal Stone chipped come in different shapes and sizes, small as peas, you can have a great family car head.
Sometimes block sparkle stone opal natural moat into a junction, it can be divided in two, as if it had two polished opal surfaces.
ore cutting process often destroys a thin opal surface layer.
4, crystal opal crystal opal can be no more than that coming, but his tone embryo is transparent or translucent.
You can even see the other items behind the crystal opal.
Opal crystal can have dark and light shades of the embryo, so we based on the different shades of colors embryo called “Crystal Black Opal” or “Crystal White Opal” 5, the angular stone or iron opal away between fish packed teeth in an angular iron mesh piece opal stone.
Usually they have a beautiful color like-fire.
Ada Mocha by Opal tempered sample cornerstone in the syrup, then placed in acid boiling water to produce carbon, so it has a dark background and the whole Opal Foundation present a more beautiful color.
Second, treating or synthetic opal 1, synthesized in the production laboratory opal and natural opal opal has the same silicon structure is called synthetic opal.
The best known brands are Gilson synthetic opal opal.
The following points are the difference between natural and synthetic: synthetic opal * usually appears exceptionally bright colors, color is often greater than the natural opal.
* Synthetic Opal each color patches showing regular snake motif.
* Production methods of the synthetic opal can not reproduce natural opal complex color changes, so that the pattern is very natural transition.
2, a colored opal metal mooring place false in a relatively clear hard plastic interlayer or epoxy, it is easy to identify counterfeit and poor quality.
3, was bleomycin Opal Opal and Tsui bleomycin which is a special production of precious stones in hand, Debo Lai Opal Opal is a thin coating stone with a black background (usually black opal or ordinary common opal jet black color ) bonded together by an adhesive.
Since bleomycin Opal Opal Tsui diluent, it is therefore the use of the surface and then covered with a rounded quartz layer opal or transparent glass, which serves to amplify and protect the opal surface pattern.
It usually, they imitate precious black opal, is very beautiful but also inexpensive.